Oracle Certified Professional ( 8i DBA )
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Oracle Certified Professional ( 8i DBA )
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G. Daniel Bryant
Atlanta, GA

Senior Database Specialist - 7/1/03 - Present
     L-3 Communications - Titan Grp, 440 Glover Street, Marietta, GA.
      Duties:   Oracle/SQL Database Administrator for an Oracle OLTP DataBase on a Red Hat Linux Intel Server, an Oracle OLTP DataBase on a Windows 2000 Server,  and  multiple  Microsoft SQL Server Databases (SQL 2000 & 2005).  Provided Backup Strategies and Support for all Databases.  Installed, Configured, and Tuned Databases as needed.  Recent projects include:  Migration from a Sun Solaris (UNIX) Veritas Clustered Server to a Red Hat Linux Intel Server - including upgrade from Oracle 8.1.7 to, Numerous Software Upgrades/Patches to front end software (Remedy Help Desk Software, proprietary School System software including ASP pages).

Technology Analyst - 9/14/99 - 6/30/03
     Cobb County School District, 440 Glover Street, Marietta, Ga.
     Duties:  Oracle D.B.A. responsible for an OLTP Database on a Clustered Sun Solaris Server and an OLTP on a Windows 2000 DataCenter Server.  Installed Oracle on Development Sun Server, Upgraded Oracle Database to Version 8.1.7, Cloned and Created Databases, Performed Backup and Recovery Drills using Veritas Netbackup Software,  Worked with Veritas Clustering Software. Created and Maintained On-Line Screens and Reports in Unisys LINC language (Proprietary Language).

     The Cobb County School District Technology Department was Outsourced to L-3 Communications/Titan Group in July 2003.

Consultant Programmer - 2/8/99 - 8/31/99 
     Dracs Consulting, 3340 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, Ga. 
     Duties:  Y2K Conversion of Payroll System on Unisys Mainframe, using LINC and COBOL languages, Analyzed Date Sensitive Data, and Converted Programs and Screens to Y2K compliance.

     I moved to Atlanta to work as a consultant programmer on a Y2K conversion project on a Unisys Mainframe at the Cobb County School District.  After we finished the project ahead of schedule, I was assigned to help with regular program requests. After my consultant contract was completed, I accepted a position with the Cobb County School District.

Systems Analyst  - 11/17/97 - 1/29/99
     Pensacola Junior College, 1000 College Blvd, Pensacola, Fla.
     Duties:  Y2K Conversion of Payroll System on Unisys Mainframe, Designed and Created Screens and Reports on the Payroll System, Programming, Testing, and Documentation to existing Screens and Reports, Phone Support on existing Unisys Consortium system for 5 Community Colleges in Florida.

     I was hired at PJC, as a Programmer, with no Mainframe or LINC language experience. After just 6 months, I was promoted to Systems Analyst, which usually took a year to attain.  I was assigned to work on the Payroll team, which had just started their Payroll Y2K conversion project.  I was able to work on the project from the design phase, through the testing and implementation phase.  I left to pursue a career in the Atlanta area. 

Programmer/Office Manager  - 11/21/83 - 11/14/97
     Pensacola Restaurant Supply, 404 South Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fla.
     Duties: Maintained RPG software on an IBM AS-400, including On-Line Screens and Reports. Maintained CL Programs utilizing Physical and Logical Files.  Managed approximately  20 people, and everyday office procedure problems.

     I began working at Pensacola Restaurant Supply after earning my A.A. Degree in Computer Science. I was hired as a Purchasing Clerk/Computer Operator, and worked my way up to Programmer/Office Manager while working towards my B.S. Degree. Being a family owned business, I felt I had advanced as far as I could, so I left to pursue a full time Programming Position. 

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